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Lou Holtzman

28 Orchard St Apt. 5A

NYC NY 10002

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I cannot believe the treatment that you and your department has shown to my wife and myself. After trying to resolve all the obstacles and learning a whole new career as "expediter?.

When I told you that there was no structural work and submitted digital real time video walk through's of my building, I was just ignored and shut down again on 3/18/01 because the Tenement Museum showed some still pictures from Jan.9,2001.When will you realize that they are pulling your strings and just abusing your authority. The day of March 19 ,2001 , I was in Laura?s office with the Engineer and Architect after 2 cancelled appointments on march 6, 2001 and again on March 12, 2001. I did not realize 10 days have passed from March 8 through March 18. All correspondence was going to an unforwardable address.

I do not lie to anybody ,anyone in the music recording business knows my word is solid, but you told me the museum has photographic evidence!??? They will say anything to keep me from finishing.. And to further insult me , my building inspector writes a summons for framing when I am in Lauras office...Writes the summons because the Museum said we were framing....THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.

If the Museum is in such unsafe condition ,why is it open to the paying public to take guided tours? Maybe the museum should shut down to the PUBLIC for true SAFETY and LIABILITY problems that can arise. I have offered through my contracting company to fix this minor problem ASAP but they will not respond. Why should I be responsible if something happens during the tours?? It seems nobody wants to address the real issues.

The renovation of 99 Orchard St has repeatedly been shut down by the DOB at great financial hardship to us. While our neighbors, the tenement museum,97 Orchard St. has not lost one day of revenue. This is absolutely unjust.

What should be realized is that I am spending a great deal of money to make my building fire safe and strong for the future. The museum is a lead paint, fire trap with exposed lathe and no burn time between floors...I am the one who should be worried, not the museum. Maybe someone should look at the rotted water damaged beams, I can go on and on about the condition of that building since I walked through it 25 years before there was a Museum.

My mother is 83 years old and was born in that building, and it is upsetting her terribly. My son lived his first 19 years in our building and is amazed at the problems we are having. My wife and I want to move back into our renovated building , we don't want to open for business hours and leave in the evening like the museum does .At this stage in my life and all my families generations in my building it is an absolute disgrace that I am treated like a second class citizen of NYC. I pay my taxes and I paid my dues in this city.

Please help,

Thank You,

Lou Holtzman

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