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Grma-pa-Mom-at-98-Orchard.jpg (20038 bytes)
My Grandparents with my mom in front of 98 orchard St

momrita3.jpg (11420 bytes)
My mom and her little sister in front of 99 Orchard St

My father, Cantor Bernard Holtzman

My Mom Frances Holtzman
Shea Stadium - 2nd Appearance - National Anthem

My Grandpa Charlie
on stoop at 99 Orchard St. - 1962

My Mom Frances Holtzman and myself Lou Holtzman
Sunday, Blue Chip Handkerchief, 99 Orchard St. - 1963

My Son Joel Holtzman, front right, with his and our
friends. Picnic on roof of 99 Orchard St. - 1987

My Son Joel Holtzman with his pals
Halloween Party at 99 Orchard St.

Me, Lou Holtzman and my wife, Mimi Holtzman

before closing East Side Sound Recording Studio

Me- at Eastside Sound  1976

Mom-&-rita-at-99.jpg (17692 bytes)
My mom baby sitting her little sister at 99 Orchard St

Momrita4.jpg (16790 bytes)
My mom and her little sister in front of 99 Orchard St

from L-R, Aunt Sophie, Grandma Becky Holtzman, my Mom Frances Holtzman
Roof 99 Orchard St.

My Mom Frances Holtzman
in front of 99 Orchard - 1939

My Grandpa Charlie
in front of 100 Orchard St.

My Grandpa Charlie
99 Orchard St. - 1962

GrandPa Louie Holtzman
owned and ran dairy restaurant on Delancey St.
I wonder what he would have of thought of Ruth??? Hmmmm...

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