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11 years have passed since the State decided not to vote on this issue, so it seems we won. However,the museum left a scar in our neighborhood and many locals now know what to expect from the Tenement Museum.Mimi and I were put through a tremendous emotional and financial crisis from the terrible attack. No apologies or any acknowledgment from the museum to this day. The arrogance is typical from the museum and its founder.

Mimi and I feel that we should share some of the moments we have been observing being in such close proximity to the carnival next door.So,let me be your tour guide...ooops- I mean""EDUCATOR"". More to come.....

As of 2002...Where It Ended  


Lou & Mimi Holtzman

99 Orchard St. 2C

NYC NY 10002

July 8, 2002

Governor George Pataki

Dear Governor Pataki,

PLEASE HELP US. In November of 2001, the Empire State Development Corporation informed us they were considering the use of the "Eminent Domain" law to take our private property at 99 Orchard Street in New York City. They decided that the Lower Eastside Tenement Museum should have our building for "the good of the public". What an outrage!

The ESDC started the process as they threatened to do. We went through 3 public hearings and many months of pure hell. Going through these proceedings has caused personal financial losses and great emotional strain. To think that the Tenement Museum could try and take away what has been in our family for 4 generations, made us angry. We are lifelong residents of New York State. Law abiding, tax paying New Yorkers.

But we went through the process. Really had no choice. We were prepared to fight this to the Supreme Court if necessary. After the last hearing, we were told that we would have a decision from the E.S.D.C. within 90 days. The ninety days were up on May 8, 2002 and we have heard nothing.

Governor Pataki, we need closure on this – an answer. As it appears now, if the E.S.D.C. wants to begin "Eminent Domain" proceedings against us in the future, they can begin the process all over again. We’ve become accustomed to ill treatment from the Tenement Museum in their efforts to acquire our building, but to have the ESDC bully us this way is absolutely intolerable.

We would like a "Memorandum of Understanding" from the ESDC guaranteeing they will never again attempt to invoke the law of "Eminent Domain" to take 99 Orchard Street from us.

{We are delighted that you are helping Robert DeNiro get film festivals off the ground in Tribeca. But we too are lower Manhattanites for many generations and our cries for help seem to fall on deaf ears. Call off the ESDC attack dogs.}

Thank You,


Lou & Mimi Holtzman

Here is the answer from the Governor.

He just put it back to Charles Gargano, head of the E.S.D.C.
It is a comedy routine, Mr. Gargano is the last person we expect any help from. They are all drunk with power, aloof to the reality of damage  Mr. Gargano and his E.S.D.C. are doing to private citizens. You and your property can be next!

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